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  • why does it look so normal for the girl to hand over her earrings to the boy  eh kasi parang normal iyung “…pero patago muna…”; what would normally happen on stage is the artist would look backstage for a handler or someone from production to hand over anything for keeping…girl went straight to the boy 
  • why does the boy look like he is looking for the other earring from 0:23, and at 0:25 I can’t tell what he says but it seemed like he was asking her where the other pair of earrings are and he nods okay as she hands him the other pair…it’s just that short sequence of events in regards to the earrings was so second nature to them…again it seems like this is not the first time this has happened 
  • why does the boy give her that look and smile when she looses herself and she looks at him giggling, beginning at 1:08, then he begins to mouth the lyrics “…oh oh oh love love love…” with her, while they stare at each other 
  • why does the girl look so happy to take the boys hand when he offers it to her, and what is up with the way she took his hand and held it  may pa skip skip pa eh tuwang tuwa 
  • why did they not let go of each other until the end  and it seems they both did not want to let go of each other throughout the song as seen by the way they held each other tight  parang may pag himas pa si boy with his thumb sa kamay ni girl [spoiler start
  • WHY oh WHY does it end that way with both smiling that knowing smile and the boy having that look of smiling concern of her sweating that he actually says “…pawis na pawis ka na…” at 4:14 and in one motion he wipes the sweat off her forehead with the most gentle of touches and puts his arm around her shoulders pulling her closer with a look that only someone who cares a lot for the girl he is holding 
  • WHY oh WHY does the girl put her arms around his waist as he pulls her closer and then almost embraces him while switching the mic from one hand to the other (eh dahil baka makalimot na maraming testigo at mahuli ng kinauukulan, bumitaw si girl sa waist ni boy) 

again just give me a reason 

these assumptions and imagination was brought to you by krimstix and CED (chorva energy drink) patnubay ng adiks ang kailangan ng mga bagong salta sa mundong baliw na ito


source: brokenhead of JuliElmo Pex —>

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